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With a combined 30  years of performance marketing and lead generation experience, LABNOW knows how to target your perfect customer audience, engage them with your brand and double verify their intent to purchase.

With a focus on generating leads which originate on all major social media platforms, the LABNOW advantage is our ability to weave in traditional channels such as email, web and SMS further engage each consumer asking the custom questions you need to fully qualify each lead.

Because consumers request to be contacted and then confirm their requests through additional validation techniques our leads produce results. This saves your team from time wasted on those who don't remember making a request or understand what they were doing.


Two Stage Social Debt Relief Leads

LABNOW knows how to use social media to target the perfect audience for your leads. Beyond simply being able to pinpoint qualifying states, we use our experience based on the profiles of thousands of qualified leads to define exactly who sees our ads.

Because most social networks don't allow advertisers to ask debt related questions, we've deployed a 2 stage lead generation process by which consumers click on our paid ads express an interest and then we drive them to the web to complete their applications by providing the number of creditors and amount of total unsecured debt outstanding.


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